Ethers Introduction

In ethers, an oxygen atom is connected to two alkyl or aryl groups. The general formula for ether is R−O−R'.


Ethers are further classified as :

Aliphatic ethers

In aliphatic ethers, R and R' are both alkyl groups.

Aliphatic ether example : Ethyl propyl ether

Ethyl propyl ether

Aromatic ethers

In aromatic ethers, either one or both the groups are aromatic rings.

Aromatic ether example : Methyl phenyl ether

Methyl phenyl ether

Aromatic ether example : Diphenyl ether

Diphenyl ether

Nomenclature of Ether

Naming of ethers is taught in Nomenclature of Ether. If you want to learn how organic compounds are named from scratch then you should begin from Nomenclature Introduction.