Practice Questions
Organic Chemistry Fundamentals

What is the name of this compound?

bond line structure

Write its bond-line formula.

bond line formula question

Which one acts as a nucleophile?

identify the nucleophile

Which one acts as an electrophile?

identify the electrophile

Is it homolysis or heterolysis?

fission of covalent bond : homolysis or heterolysis

Which type of reaction is this?

type of organic reaction

What is the type of hybridisation of carbon in


Which one is more stable?

stability of alkenes


This is an example of cis-trans isomerism :

geometrical isomerism
cis-trans isomerism


This is an example of resonance :

resonance structures examples
Examples of resonance

What is the order of stability of carbocations?

stability of carbocation

In which bond inductive effect is least?

inductive effect

Which bond is the longest among these?

bond length

Which bond is the strongest among these?

bond strength

What is the relation between this pair of structures?


What Next

We recommend learning nomenclature of compounds. If you already know the rules of nomenclature, then you can start learning hydrocarbons.