Practice Questions
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

Identify 1° 2° 3° haloalkanes.

primary secondary and tertiary haloalakanes example

Identify allyl, benzyl and vinyl halides.

allyl halides, benzyl halides, vinyl halides

Complete the reactions.

formation of isocyanides and cynides from haloalkanes

Complete the reactions.

formation of alkyl nitrite and nitroalkanes

What is their reactivity towards SN1 and SN2?

sn1 and sn2 reactivity

Complete the reaction.

fittig reaction

Complete the reaction.

gattermann reaction

What is this reaction called?

sandmeyer reaction


The Wurtz reaction given below is correct :

tertiary alkyl halides do not undergo wurtz reaction

Convert this :

convert ethanol to fluoroethane

Convert this :

convert butene to iodobutane

Which one has the highest b.p among these?

boiling point in haloalkanes

Complete the reactions :

reaction of haloalkanes with aquous and alcoholic KOH

Complete the reaction :

formation of grignard reagents

Complete the reactions :

saytzeff rule

What Next

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